• Monika Fiedler-Proksch

      Monika Fiedler-Proksch 

      Monika Fiedler holds a BA degree in business administration, is managing director, marathon runner and triathlete with heart and soul. For thirteen she has been active as a marketing and event expert in the publishing industry.

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    • Sabrina Weiss

      Sabrina Weiss 

      Sabrina Weiss is a trained publisher, a graduate industrial engineer and an old hand at organising events. For years she has been active as the brand and event manager of the Motor Presse Stuttgart magazine responsible for the domain of sport and lifestyle.

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    • Julia Jänecke

      Julia Jänecke 

      Julia Jänecke grew up in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, is a passionate snowboarder and found in Munich the perfect runway, to start off professionally.

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