Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness

So-called functional training deals with weight-bearing exercises aimed to stabilise the body and keep it healthy. Functional training is no longer merely a trend, but a well-known secret among professional athletes and our trainers will teach you all there is to know and how to do it! The courses do not require any prior knowledge. Just stop by and give it a try. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

BODEGA moves®

Bodega moves® “Bodywork meets Yoga” shapes and strengthens the body specifically from the inside out and is a functional full-body workout that guarantees fat burning. Elements from body shaping are combined with asanas from VINYASA Power Yoga. Strength and joy of movement meet body tension and balance.

BLACKROLL training

All festival participants are most welcome to join the BlackRoll sessions. Not only does the training cover basic exercises, but it also explores fascia training and its effects together with you! The training and courses will take place regardless of the weather conditions. We have sufficient rolls and training tools for all of you!

deepWork Training

If you don’t feel like doing yoga or Pilates, but still want to become more limber, you’re in for a treat: deepWork training offers an action-packed alternative.

Indian Balance®

This tour will not be offered in 2021!

Indian Balance the flowing Body-Mind-Soul programme is a strengthening and mindfulness training that builds a powerful connection to your own body. With flowing movement sequences, the back, abdomen, legs and buttocks are trained and the body is brought into balance through balance techniques.