• To make sure that women can look after themselves for once, we took care of everything else: relaxed children, happy men, and great nails. Besides that, all action aficionados can look forward to a special highlight: CANYONING.

    • Karikaturist Mr. Kiss

      Karikaturist Mr. Kiss 

      Am Sonntag den 21. Juli 2019 habt ihr die einmalige Chance euch am Eddie Bauer-Stand zeichnen zu lassen! Eddie Bauer bringt den Karikaturisten Mr. Kiss mit zum Women's Summer Festival 2019.

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    • Special Guest: Christina Wechsel

      Special Guest: Christina Wechsel 

      Within a year Christina lost her mother due to cancer, her best friend as well as her own leg due to a serious car accident.

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    • Lama Hike

      Lama Hike 

      At the Women’s Summer Festival you’ve got the possibility to try out lama hike. Enjoy a unforgettable hike with this non-slip and sensible animals in the amazing nature of the Trioler Zugspitz Arena.

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    • Filmvortrag: Einbeinig auf die Seven Summits

      Filmvortrag: Einbeinig auf die Seven Summits 

      Am Donnerstag Abend von 20:30 - 21:30 Uhr erwartet euch bereits ein ganz besonderes Highlight:Die junge Outdoorsportlerin Jacqueline Fritz präsentiert ihren Film "Huat o! Oa Hax 'geat‘ scho“, in dem es um die Besteigung der "Seven Summits Stubai" 2018 geht, die sie 2018 gemeistert hat.

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    • TRAIL ABC powered by On

      TRAIL ABC powered by On 

      Du möchtest zum ersten Mal Trail-Luft schnuppern oder an deiner Technik im Trailrunning feilen? Komme zum On Trail Workshop und lerne von unseren erfahrenen Trail Experten wichtige Praxistipps und -tricks rund um das Thema Trailrunning.

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    • Canyoning


      Discover our most beautiful canyons in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena! You will hike through dark gorges or abseil from roaring waterfalls. Equipped with a wetsuit, helmet, climbing harness & rope, you can join the adventure and explore our beatuiful nature. Get involved!

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    • Zugspitze


      We offer two different demanding mountain tours to the highest summit of Germany.

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    • Beauty-Lounge


      Three festival days should be enough to try out the approximately 58 nail colours from the assortment of edding. Make sure to visit the beauty lounge where you can get your nails varnished, try out different colours and take a free sample home.

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    • Self-defence workshop

      Self-defence workshop 

      The self-defence workshop is an exciting and informative workshop on personal safety, basic principles of physical attacks and self-defense techniques.

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    • Child care

      Child care 

      While mum enjoys a treat for herself, the kids are entirely taken care of. Sounds like a good plan and thus, child care professionals will look after your children on Friday, and Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday until 5 pm. Among other activities, they will offer face painting, a bouncy castle, an arts & crafts corners as well as a little bicycle parkour.

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    • Expo Area

      Expo Area 

      The Women’s Summer Festival offers you the unique chance to test various outdoor sports, of course, free of any obligations. To do so, you require the right sports gear! For this reason, various renowned brands exhibit their latest materials, and you have the chance to test them! If you want to know, who specifically will be there, take a look at the menu item “partners.” The list is continually being updated.

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