Tours and Training: Sporting activity choices

  • We put women´s power in motion.

    Have you always wanted to try out stand up paddling? Fancy climbing with a guide or taking your bike on a cross country route? Then welcome to the Women’s Summer Festival 2019! At this year’s festival, you’ll have the rare opportunity to try out a multitude of outdoor sporting activities or even improve on your existing techniques. Regardless of your current performance level, professional trainers will support you throughout the entire programme. Even famous athletes will be there to help both novices and advanced sports women; they will be there to answer your questions and give you valuable tips regarding your technique and the equipment  you may require.

    The following sporting disciplines will be available and can be booked either through the festival package or paid for individually*. You can find the tourprogramme here.

    *festival pass needed!

    Mountain Biking

    Regardless of if you are a beginner, at intermediate level or a real pro – we came up with an offer of tours and courses that will satisfy anyone and at any level! This offer includes classic moutain bike riding technique training, enduro tours for various levels of performance and cross country moutain bike routes that include mighty views of the surrounding mountainscape. Take part and finally succumb to the mountain bike bug, that is, if it hasn’t already got you!

    Functional training

    So-called functional training deals with weight-bearing exercises aimed to stabilise the body and keep it healthy. Functional training is no longer merely a trend, but a well-known secret among professional athletes and our trainers will teach you all there is to know and how to do it! The courses do not require any prior knowledge. Just stop by and give it a try. We are looking forward to seeing you there.


    Men have traditionally dominated climbing. Why is that? If anyone thinks that girls simply lack the courage to face the sport then think again! In fact, it appears that the female species is indeed particularly gifted at the art climbing. Climbing requires diverse and complex movements, a proper mindset and complete focus to recognise often seemingly difficult routes. What we enjoy most of all, is that even us ladies, finally get the chance to switch off completely – you should give it a try!


    How is motorcycling connected to the Women’s Summer Festival? Many of us active power women require some decent horsepower under us. Furthermore, if you have always wanted to join in on some motorcycle training, the Festival will give you the chance to do. What’s also great, is that this section of the programme is also available to your male companions. Sign up either for yourself, your husband or why not for the both of you!

    Please note: A valid motorcycle license and a motorcycle is a requirement for this course.

    Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

    Of course, stand up paddling can’t be left out at a Summer Festival for women. We’ve found a nearby lake that’s within close vicinity to the Expo, so here’s your chance to try it out! Please don’t forget to bring along your swim suits!

    Trail running

    Running makes you happy! Women have different needs and requirements when it comes to running and a specific running programme catered to women is invaluable. This course is more about the enjoyment of running and not necessarily about performance. It’s about feeling good while running and a good dose of girl power! Sometimes we find ourselves running the same route around the block, at the same monotonous pace and let’s face it, sometimes it gets tedious. If that’s the case with you, then it’s finally time to discover a more free and inhibited form of running! Trail running is about off-road running and discovering the excitement of exploring unknown trails, enjoying the surrounding beauty of nature and learning how to challenge your muscles, joints and even your focus on varying trail terrain. Join in and experience trail running, you’ll be glad you did!


    Every outdoor event needs to offer a traditional hike and the region is the dream location to do so. We have prepared an amazingly broad range of hiking tours and routes to offer our active ladies, all you need to do is choose what appeals to you: A sunrise hike, a panorama tour or maybe just a relaxing walk? All tours are led by professional mountain guides, who have plenty to tell you about the route, the landscape and the plant life.


    Tired legs from all that hiking, a tense neck from mountain biking or throbbing hands from climbing all day? These could very well be the price you pay for the diverse, plethora of sporting activities offered at the Women’s Summer Festival! Don’t dismay – even just one relaxing Pilates session can help to get you back on track after an exhausting day of touring. For all the yogis, we have prepared a special treat. Let’s just say that getting up early will pay off!