• Klettern, Women's Summer FestivalClimbing

    Even if you have never climbed before – today is the day! Together with experienced mountain guides, we are aiming high! We show you all you need to know when climbing, and how to deal with the fear of heights (if you currently suffer from that).

    Friday: start 10.30 am / Saturday: start 09.00 am / Sunday: start 12.00 am
    Target group: beginners
    Duration: approx. 4 h
    Participation fee: 60,00 Euro
    Number of participants: 4 – 6


    Bouldern, Women's Summer Festival


    Bouldering is one of the hottest sports to have come up in the last few years. The great thing about it is that anybody can learn how to do it in a relatively short period. Secured with thick crash pads and under the supervision of mountain guides, you will receive useful tips and instructions, helping you to face your first bouldering-challenge.

    Friday: start 14.00 pm / Saturday: start 13.30 pm
    Target group: beginners
    Duration: approx. 3,5 h
    Participation fee: 55,00 Euro
    Number of participants: 5 – 8


    Tiroler Zugspitz Arena, Women's Summer Festival, Klettern, Wasser, KlettersteigVia Ferrata for beginners – Moutain adventure at the waterfall powered by Garmont


    An approximately 1 hour hike leads you from the Expo area to the Haselgehr waterfall. After a short introduction, a gentle via ferrata follows the waterfall to a rappelling station. Thereafter you will find a suspension bridge, Flying Fox, a moderately difficult via ferrata as well as another rappelling station and climbing stations. This is followed by a hike back to the Expo area.

    Friday: start 11.00 am / Saturday: start 09.00 am / Sunday: start 08.30 am
    Target group: beginners
    Duration: approx. 4 h
    Participation fee: 60,00 Euro
     Number of participants: 5 – 20



    Via Ferrata: Seebenwand powered by Garmont

    We start at the Expo area with a 1,5 hour hike to the entrance of the via ferrata. We will climb 3 hours on a vertical wall along the Seeben waterfall. A difficult climbing trail only for experienced climbers! Already the start has D/E tracks! The descent is possible via the Seebensee/Hoher Gang or the Immensteig depending on the wishes and strength of the group.

    Target group: experts (D/E – really difficult Via Ferrata)
    Duration: approx. 4 h
    Participation fee: 80,00 Euro
    Number of participants: 4 – 6



    Via Ferrata: Stopselzieher powered by Garmont

    The ascent starts on the ski slopes and continues on Gamskar to the second stage. After about 3 hours, partly through rocky terrain, you will reach the Neustädter Hütte (a short stop is possible here). Continue to “Stopselzieher” – there you will find a via ferrata with partially secured and unsecured terrain that leads to the old Kamm station (easy climbing in unsecured terrain required!). Then the via ferrata continues to the German border. The subsequent climb over the ridge ends at the summit restaurant “Münchnerhaus”. There you will have earned a break! After enjoying the breathtaking panorama of Germany’s highest mountain, you will go back into the valley with a relaxed ride on the Tyrolean Zugspitzbahn.

    Target group: advanced/experts (Easy via ferrata but an excellente condition of the participant is required!)
    Duration: approx. 7,5 h
    Participation fee: 90,00 Euro

    Disclaimer: The tour descriptions above (including the given parameters) are supposed to be executed according to the plan. Possible modification of the tours/routes due to weather conditions or the group’s skill set may occur and are at the sole discretion of the respective organisers/guides. Please bring your Guest Card in order to avoid extra costs for transfer.