Fabienne Schärer

Fabienne Schärer

Hi my name is Fabienne, I live in Berlin and work as a ballet, barre, yoga teacher and choreographer. Movement and its expression is, since my childhood a part of me. Through figure skating to rhythmic gymnastics I found my calling and passion in dancing/ballet and made this my vocation as a professional ballet dancer. After several years on various international stages, I pass on what I have learned.

Over the years I intensively studied the anatomy of the human body, breathing and the connection of this.

The connection and perception of his own body and its consciousness, is in my lessons in the foreground. To know oneself better, to perceive, to feel, to understand, to challenge and most importantly to accept and to love.

This is my favorite mantra:

It’s not about being good at something. It is about being good to yourself.