Running makes you happy! Women have different needs and requirements when it comes to running and a specific running programme catered to women is invaluable. This course is more about the enjoyment of running and not necessarily about performance. It’s about feeling good while running and a good dose of girl power! Sometimes we find ourselves running the same route around the block, at the same monotonous pace and let’s face it, sometimes it gets tedious. If that’s the case with you, then it’s finally time to discover a more free and inhibited form of running! Trail running is about off-road running and discovering the excitement of exploring unknown trails, enjoying the surrounding beauty of nature and learning how to challenge your muscles, joints and even your focus on varying trail terrain. Join in and experience trail running, you’ll be glad you did!

Ideal for anyone eager to give trail running a try

Running is not just running – especially if it comes to trail running. Different terrains challenge your coordination and balancing skills, while the fresh mountain air will also impact your performance. Despite being more challenging, trail running will captivate you with its amazing flow. With a running route of approx. 5 km, we will carefully approach trail running and show you what is important to move quickly through different terrains and trails.

Trailrunning beginners tour

You already has experience in trailrunning and want to join a tour with our guides? Our professional guides will choose the tour based on the group size and group fitness.  With a running route of approx. 5-10 km, the guides will show you what is important to move quickly through different trails.

Gamsalm tour

A nice trail with scenic highlights. The tour leads you below the Zugspitze through the Plattenweg in direction of Gamsalm, with an imposing mountain scenery in the background. For this tour you should be in good physical condition and be able to hike 15km with 350m height difference.

Ehrwalder Alm tour

The Ehrwalder Alm round is perfect for those who have already gained experience in trail running. The route takes you up to the Ehrwalder Alm over 15 km with a crisp 600 m difference in altitude.