From photography to barista workshops – exciting workshops on various topics await you.

Barista Workshop

Coffee and outdoor sports simply belong together for you? You want to know what’s behind the perfect espresso and the creamiest cappuccino? And by the way, how does the heart get into the cup? In this Barista course you will get to know the most important subtleties of coffee. You will practice, taste and enjoy before moving on to the next tour.

Photography Workshop

Have you ever wondered how professional outdoor and sports photographers take their inspiring pictures? After this workshop you can record such incredible moments – even with your own smartphone.

Guided herb hike

What at first glance looks like a “conventional” lush meadow with a magnificent mountain panorama – not necessarily a rarity in the region – turns out to be, at a closer look, a world of its own, a world of wild herbs. These partly healing and fragrant little plants grow everywhere in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena and usually remain unnoticed on the wayside. During the easy hike, you will receive expert guidance on the local herbal world.