Yoga/Pilates powered by KCA-LAB


Tired legs from all that hiking, a tense neck from mountain biking or throbbing hands from climbing all day? These could very well be the price you pay for the diverse, plethora of sporting activities offered at the Women’s Summer Festival! Don’t dismay – even just one relaxing Pilates session can help to get you back on track after an exhausting day of touring. For all the yogis, we have prepared a special treat. Let’s just say that getting up early will pay off!

Morning Yoga

Start your day with Morning Yoga on the festival grounds!

Nature Yoga

At Nature Yoga you can experience a yoga class in the midst of nature. A short hike to the yoga location is included.

Yoga 1

(For Beginner)

Yoga 1 is suitable for yoga beginners and those who want to refresh their experience.


Yoga 2


You already have experience in yoga and “asanas” is not a foreign word for you? Then Yoga 2 is the right class for you.

Pilates 1

Pilates is a functional whole-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching of the muscles in perfect interplay with coordination and breathing techniques.

Dance Meditation powered by KCA-LAB

This tour will not be offered in 2021!

In Dance Meditation we will work with our own energy – through dance, movement and meditation.
Experienced trainer Tessa will show you how to awaken the energy in your body through dance and set your emotions in motion.